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A Billion Clicks Photography

On location dog photography capturing what you love most about your pet

  1. A Billion Clicks
    My name is Dan, a dog photographer based in Bournemouth, Dorset – on the beautiful south coast of the UK.

    A Billion Clicks Photography specialises in on-location dog photography under natural lighting capturing what you love most about your beloved companion.

    I cover the whole of Dorset and Hampshire but I’m happy to travel wherever you may be!

    My Wife and I have 7 rescue dogs (yes….7!) ranging in sizes from a Miniature Dachshund to a Newfoundland cross Husky. We love our dogs more than we could ever explain and have countless photographs of them.

    My job is to capture those moments of your dog, otherwise lost in time, for you to treasure forever.

    Please see my website for full details of how my sessions work and what you can expect.


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