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Agility Tunnels

We manufacture agility tunnels to order

  1. Naylor Agility
    England - Yorkshire
    Our agility tunnels and sand bags are made from heavy duty PVC in a variety of colours.

    The lightweight sewn tunnels are available in a camouflage bag cloth option with the additional option of having a mesh panel. The standard diameter is 600mm and they can be made in lengths from 1m-6m. End rings at both ends keep the tunnel open. A spring wire coil is protected by a thick PVC extrusion or polypropylene webbing, which is heat bonded or sewn to secure in place.

    Our Dog agility tunnels concertina flat for easy storage are easy to clean and are available in a non-slip material in black or blue. Contact our sales team on 01709 872574 to discuss your requirements.


    1. Blue-Black None SLip Medium Weight_0033.jpg
    2. Blue-Black None SLip Medium Weight_0007.jpg
    3. Yellow Black Mesh Lighweight_0007.jpg
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