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Aurora Pets

Aurora Pets 2018-05-01

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Enter AuroraPets to see the latest collections of luxury dog accessories and designer apparel from the best international designers.

The inspiration behind Aurora Pets came from our French bulldog Yianni. He gives us absolute unconditional love, laughs and we want to give him the best of everything. We know the importance for us and you of buying products made with high uncompromised quality, designed with style in mind and most importantly for function.

Utilising extremely successful careers in distributing luxury products internationally to high-end retailers and customer management background we wanted to create a website where you could not only source the best designers and brands in the world for your pet but also only the very best experience for you.

One of our aims is to ensure that we do our part in helping to sustain the planet. We achieve this by ensuring that all of our postage packaging does not contain any plastic and is 100% recyclable.

We also strive to be a part of the brands which are contributing to improving the lives of unfortunate dogs. We are proud to say that several of the brands we work with, work closely with charities by providing products and/or donating a percentage of their sales to support their causes.

Our passion for fashion drives us to find sophisticated, luxury brands from different parts of the world and offer them to you in one place. We understand that you and your dog’s deserve only the best and we are here to provide you with that service.
Aurora Pets
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