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Brechfa Forest Barns - Carmarthenshire, Wales

3 rural retreats with amazing views. Unlimited dogs welcome. Fabulous Food or Fend for Yourself!

  1. Dog Friendly Holidays
    As featured on BBC1's "I Escaped to the Country” recently (link below) award winning Brechfa Forest Barns - totally dog friendly holiday cottages offers breathtaking views, 18,000 acres of stunning forest walks on our doorstep and beautiful beaches on 2 different coastlines! Based in incredible Carmarthenshire, rural South West Wales we offer:-

    - over 300 x 5⭐️ TripAdvisor & Facebook reviews
    - 3 lovely cottages (2 beds & 1 bed) for 1 -12 guests
    - 2 cottages connect for big groups
    - enclosed gardens (3ft fences)
    - AMAZING views!
    - unlimited dogs allowed
    - no age or breed discrimination
    - great forest walks on our doorstep
    - quiet, year round dog friendly beaches
    - lots of dog friendly information (pubs, walks, attractions)
    - optional home-made meals*
    - fantastic BBQ Hut*
    - dog sitting service*
    - short breaks throughout the year
    - mountain bike hire & guiding*
    - FREE WiFi

    * subject to availability


    3 night weekends, 4 night midweek breaks & 7 night holidays are bookable through the website. For any other length stay please message us on our Facebook page

    See us on BBC1’s “I Escaped to the Country” here: See us on BBC's 'I Escaped to the country' - Brechfa Forest Barns

    DOG FRIENDLY WALKS, BEACHES, PUBS & ATTRACTIONS: See, Eat & Do - Brechfa Forest Barns

    FABULOUS FOOD: Home Cooked Food - Brechfa Forest Barns

    TRIPADVISOR: Brechfa Forest Barns - UPDATED 2018 - Holiday Rental in Brechfa - TripAdvisor


    SEE US IN ACTION!: Dog Trails


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