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Ellenborough Park - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Families and dogs are always welcome at Ellenborough Park

  1. Ellenborough Park
    England - South West
    For unparalleled comfort and a truly unforgettable experience, there can only be one choice when it comes to staying in Cheltenham. Ellenborough Park boasts lavish bedrooms, a serene spa, small fitness suite, relaxed pub and bar, fine dining restaurant and truly bespoke service; everything you could possibly need for a relaxing getaway in the Cotswolds.

    Families and dogs are always welcome at Ellenborough Park. Nestled in the heart of the Cotswolds, there is countryside to explore and adventures to be had at every turn. If you wish to bring your furry friend, please contact our Reservations team before booking to check availability of our dog friendly rooms.

    Dogs are welcome in the Horse Box (country pub) and Atrium but cannot go into the main Restaurant or the Great Hall.

    There’s a £25 per day charge for rooms with dogs.
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