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La Chic Design- 3D Life Casting

Custom made, solid 3D paw cast art work

  1. La Chic Design
    England - South West
    3D Casts taken directly from your dog's paw
    • Custom made pieces of art to treasure forever.
    • Highly detailed, solid impressions that will capture your precious companion perfectly.
    • All designs bespoke made according to your taste and budget.
    • A friendly and professional service-Based in Bristol.
    • Customers travel to my home studio for the casting session and again for collection around 6 weeks later.
    • 50% deposit on the casting day and balance on collection.
    Please contact me directly for a tailor made quote.

    Thank you


    1. IMG_9182.JPG
    2. IMG_9171.JPG
    3. IMG_9172.JPG
    4. IMG_9174.JPG
    5. IMG_9175.JPG
    6. IMG_9176.JPG
    7. IMG_9177.JPG
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