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Lanneves Cottage Holidays - Cornwall

In the heart of Cornwall, dog friendly, family friendly and just friendly!

  1. Lanneves Cottage Holidays
    England - South West
    Lanneves Cottage Holidays provides high quality, serviced self-catering holidays in the heart of Cornwall.

    Our aim is to provide you with the luxury and comfort of a boutique hotel with the freedom of self catering. The cottage is located in the village of Lanivet (just southwest of Bodmin), the geographical centre of Cornwall making it an ideal base to explore all that Cornwall has to offer, and The Saints’ Way long-distance footpath passes near its half-way point. The village of Lanivet is full of history, even becoming the subject of a Thomas Hardy poem.

    We are easy to find, the nearby town of Bodmin is just off the A30, and for anyone wanting to experience the beauty of Bodmin Moor, we are in an ideal location.

    At Lanneves Cottage Holidays we want you to feel at home and relax, and so we treat you as we would treat a friend. All linens and towels are provided, there are unlimited supplies of tea, coffee, cleaning products and even toilet rolls. We also provide free WiFi broadband access and Sky television.


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