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Munchies Beach Cafe - Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Perfect stop for drinks or food on dog friendly beach

  1. Munchies GY
    England - East
    35BE790B-D8CD-415E-ACD4-A480A8B4466A.jpeg 4FE025CC-5548-4810-BE45-083B0A30A6B8.jpeg 33699085-31CB-4917-82EF-8E562C3DFCA7.jpeg 33699085-31CB-4917-82EF-8E562C3DFCA7.jpeg 4FE025CC-5548-4810-BE45-083B0A30A6B8.jpeg 35BE790B-D8CD-415E-ACD4-A480A8B4466A.jpeg B06A2F6D-9663-4ADA-A70C-224E7F70C00E.jpeg 33699085-31CB-4917-82EF-8E562C3DFCA7.jpeg Located on the prom next to miles of sand dunes and a beach open to dogs all year round, Munchies is a cafe serving breakfast, lunch, hot and cold drinks, homemade cakes and various other goodies. Dogs are welcome inside the cafe, onthe lead and on the floor please. There is a treat for every dog, and you can buy them a sausage too!
    We only use top quality ingredients. Check us out on Trip Advisor.
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