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Muddy Good Memories

    England - Yorkshire
    Hello, I’m Annemarie aka The Phodographer!
    This is my beloved angel greyhound, Patch. As he grew older I wanted to be able to remember everything about him forever, so being a professional photographer, I started photographing him on our adventures together, capturing all his funny little expressions and all the things that made him unique and special to me.
    Soon, my wedding clients were asking me to photograph their dogs – and The Phodographer was born!

    That was five years ago, now I offer doggy photoshoot adventures in the great outdoors to my discerning customers who visit from all over the UK.

    I look forward to hearing about your dog, your family pack and making some photographic art for you.

    0019-745.jpg 0114-772.jpg 0233-738.jpg
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