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Doggie Bows and Bandanas to raise money for Rescue Dogs from Romania

  1. PreciousPawsGifts
    Handmade dog bows and bandanas to raise money for rescue dogs. All made with fabric and hot glue. Slip over the collar design, so no nasty ties around the neck to irritate the pet.

    All proceeds from sales of my items go directly to the rescue shelter where I volunteer.

    Lots of different fabric designs and more added regularly.

    All occasions catered for, so your fur baby will always be dressed for the occasion! :emoji_dog2::) jdjdj.JPG il_794xN.2089985447_e1j1.jpg il_794xN.2089981233_fr84 (1).jpg il_794xN.2026107431_7txf (2).jpg il_794xN.2087584659_rroz.jpg
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