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The Beggers Roost - Lynton, Devon

family run, dog friendly, country pub nestled in the hills above Lynton & Lynmouth

  1. Exmoor Manor Hotel
    England - South West
    The newly refurbished Beggars Roost Inn is the perfect spot to come and enjoy a local ale, refreshing glass of wine, relax in front of the fire on a cold winters night or watch the cows at dusk walking past in the opposite field on a warm summers evening.

    Whilst here it is a must to try some of our fantastic food cooked by our head chef Andy Collier. Something of a chef celebrity in the area, Andy has put together a menu to suit all tastes and dietary requirements. Why not take a look at our current menu to whet your appetite

    A bowl of water and biscuits are always made available for our four legged friends.
    pub2.jpg bar.JPG fire2.jpg reception.JPG
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