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The Clifton Sausage - Bath

The ‘Sausage’ specialises in traditional and classic British dishes

  1. The Clifton Sausage
    England - South West
    The ‘Sausage’ specialises in traditional and classic British dishes as well as sausages, unpretentious yet universal in their appeal. Situated near the centre of beautiful and historic Bath, our restaurant is in a wonderfully restored grade II listed building which boasts spectacular views over Bath's skyline and the glorious surrounding countryside. Stylish and comfortable, we offer a warm welcome and friendly service to all.

    Dogs welcome in upper restaurant and Terrace areas 15002403_1165132876914828_7662968197565007055_o.jpg 15025251_1165133896914726_7749858399002387157_o.jpg
    15025648_1165133593581423_4108471051441192584_o.jpg 14991249_1165133256914790_8783746904267626481_o.jpg 15875259_1226218990806216_6580618074215866401_o.jpg
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