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The Dogs Baskets

High quality Dog Beds, Mats & Blankets hand made in GB

    TheDogsBaskets specialise in providing high quality dog beds at competitive prices.

    Our beds come in a wide range of styles, sizes, fabrics and colours.

    We are a UK based company with a UK based manufacturing facility, all our beds are hand made to order to the highest quality standards.

    We are proud to support British companies and aim to provide all of our customers with the very best possible customer service.


    1. 7 (5).jpg
    2. red waterproof memory foam settee.jpg
    3. Red Dog Doza Waterproof Mattress.jpg
    4. dog doza beige crate mats.jpg
    5. snooza__Navy_Blue.jpg
    6. dog doza box border beige.jpg
    7. waterproof dog travel mat in black 1.jpg
    8. Navy Blue - St Ives Check Dog cage mat.jpg
    9. Navy Blue - Pembroke Check Dog Duvet.jpg
    10. Glen Loch Check Fleece Blanket.jpg
    11. Navy Blue - Pembroke Check Settee.jpg
    12. Navy Blue - Pembroke Check Snooza.jpg
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