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Treworgey Luxury Cottages - Looe, Cornwall

A Cornish haven created by our family. Memories created by yours.

  1. Treworgey Luxury Cottages
    England - South West
    Dog Friendly Holidays

    If you are looking for a truly pet-friendly holiday in Cornwall, Treworgey is the place for you. We have numerous very regular four legged guests who love having a private garden to play in, 150 acres of fields and woodland to roam, a big field kept free of other animals for them to run loose, a welcoming dog pack on arrival (including bowls, towel, treats, dog-friendly map of Cornwall and feed mat), throws to protect sofas and dog-friendly pubs and restaurants nearby. We only wish they could review us!

    You are very welcome to bring up to two dogs to stay. We also welcome your well-behaved cat, tortoise, pet rabbit or pony.

    Treworgey is a working farm and we do ask guests to follow the country code, close all gates and keep dogs on a lead when near stock. We also ask that guests don't go out and leave dogs alone in their cottage if they are likely to bark or chew on things. We always leave a few dog poo bags in your cottage for your first evening in case you forgot them. There are outside bins around Treworgey to put these in and you'll also see small metal shovels around which can be used to fling a poo in an out-of-the-way hedge or field (the greener option!). There are very few places around Treworgey that dogs are not allowed to enter, but please note that we ask dogs not to be taken into the pool area, playground or riding arena.

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