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Waggy Walks in Wakey

Every Dog Deserves a Waggy Walk

  1. Waggy Walks in Wakey
    England - Yorkshire
    Waggy Walks in Wakey is a quality dog walker, pet sitter and pet taxi service.

    Since childhood, dogs and their welfare have always been a part of our family. We believe your dog should receive the highest quality care and that includes a healthy exercise routine with a ONE TO ONE walk out and about in Wakefield.

    How about a pet taxi service to the parlour / groomers for some pampering? Take or fetch to/from the kennels or boarders? Help with a routine trip to the vets?

    We understand that your devoted dog is a loved and valued member of your family, that is why we are FULLY INSURED and DBS CHECKED to give you confidence you can rely on us whilst your dog is in our care.
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