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  1. Jack-Russell-Lover liked Buddy1's post in the thread Happiness is ....

    [ATTACH] … a day at the beach...[ATTACH] … a swim in the sea...[ATTACH] … a very long kip.

    20190528_121923.jpg 20180528_141826 (2).jpg 20190527_165243[6443].jpg Jun 18, 2019
  2. Jack-Russell-Lover liked Mad Murphy's post in the thread action shot goes wrong.

    When they go well the action shots are WOW[ATTACH] But sometimes they go a bit wrong and then its OMG !!! Two dogs charging at full...

    DSCN1496 (2) - kopie.JPG DSCN1622 - kopie.JPG DSCN1629.JPG DSCN1625.JPG Jun 18, 2019
  3. Jack-Russell-Lover replied to the thread Soaking kibble.

    I wasn’t saying that what they eat cannot do their teeth good. I just meant that thinking feeding dry kibble alone will take care of...

    Jun 18, 2019
  4. Jack-Russell-Lover liked Ashley's post in the thread Soaking kibble.

    I think we will try this with our dog every now and again. She has only just figured out she has to work for whatever is in the kong...

    Jun 18, 2019
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