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  • Hi janis, sorry dont get on k9 much lately, but noticed you had popped i to see me :D i'm doing okish atm, rather stressed but hey ho !

    Hope you are ok take care xx
    Hi Janis we're all good thanks, off on holiday to Lanzarote tomorrow :- ) Feeb and Skye gorgeous as ever, hope your boys and you all ok x
    thanks for your comment janis , im good thanks esp now i have my glasses and trialling new contact lenses!!! must catch up soon xxxxx
    yes janis, i will be having a vindaloo, we are going to our fav curry house....hope you enjoy yours xxxx
    yes janis you are allowed in my long as you dont make a have snow here today !!!
    Just returning your call, hun :)

    I tried to get your stars up to 5 too, but they won't play! Mine are the same, lol! Have a good week xxx
    What do you mean...upsetting people AGAIN???

    I'm meant to be a nice person...but not very good at it...

    Must try harder lol

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