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Josie Thynne
Owner of
Brief info

I recently left my position of 8 years working in animal care at Bristol University to pursue my true passion, everything and anything dog! My dream has always been to create a friendly online community that helps and advises one another. Along with my partner, we want to discover and share great places to take your dog all over the UK and connect each and every dog owner in one friendly community.

I met my partner Oliver 7 years ago and he to shares the same passion for dogs as I do.

We have a black Labrador called Dennis.

Oliver Kenyon
Owner of
Brief info

I’m a fully qualified chef turned online entrepreneur. Having been with Josie for over 7 years I must admit that I fully now share her passion and love for dogs including our very own Dennis. I’m an experienced online marketer and community owner. I’ve had several forums in the past and over the past 4 years built a marketing community up from 0 to 80,000+ members which was then recently acquired by an investment firm.

I’m now fully committed to helping Josie embrace the online world and establish as the number one resource online for dogs and their owners.

Dennis Thynne
Chief Dog Advisor
Brief info

I have been with my human Josie since I was 8 weeks old and then one day 3 years later another human joined the family, Oliver!

I am 10 years old now and love nothing more than good company, good food and good walks! My humans take me to lots of dog friendly places and I advise them whether other dogs will enjoy it also!

I am super excited to be part of the dogforumuk team and hope that I will get to meet lots of our online community.

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