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  • Josie
    Blog: Josie's blog. By Josie at 1:51 PM.
    Pet Munchies Dog Buffalo Chews Pet munchies Kindly sent Dennis some of their new Buffalo chews to try out. This is the same company that sent us the Salmon Skin chews which Dennis LOVED. [ATTACH] [ATTACH] The first thing I noticed was that the Buffalo chews came in three different sizes which I think is important when choosing with breed size. I find a lot of chews come as one standard size. Below is the description and list of ingredients: Premium gourmet dental chews made with...
  • Josie
    Blog: Josie's blog. By Josie at 3:04 PM.
    CBD Hempine For Dogs Our Black Labrador Dennis is 11 years old and as you can imagine (for a senior citizen) he suffers with some age related ailments! His main one is stiffness. Usually after he's had a nice walk or if he's been sleeping for a long while. However, it wasn't until we noticed he had hurt his shoulder from over extending (jumping off of our bed!) that we decided to start giving him some supplements to help his joints. The vets of course recommended Umove and like most...
  • Josie
    Blog: Josie's blog. By Josie at 1:33 PM.
    K9 Connectable's sold by Simply2 Pet Products Simply2 Pet Products were very kind and sent us some of their K9 Connectable's to try. [ATTACH] 'The K9 Connectable's are an interactive dog toy designed to engage, stimulate and entertain dogs for sustained periods of time.' Dennis loves his food (typical Labrador!) and can conquer just about any food related toy within 5 minutes so I was very excited to test the K9 Connectable's. We loved them and this is why:...
  • Josie
    Blog: Josie's blog. By Josie at 11:37 AM.
    Pet Munchies Dog Treats Review [ATTACH] Dennis with his goods Whilst in my local pet shop the other day collecting some bird seed I realised that it would be a crime for me to leave without getting Dennis a treat to take home with me! Being a Labrador I often find it hard getting him a treat that will last more than 2 minutes AND that is healthy. That's when I noticed Pet Munchies Salmon Skin Chews. These were priced at £3.79 for two chews. [ATTACH] [ATTACH] Natural Dental chews...
  • Josie
    Blog: Josie's blog. By Josie at 2:17 PM.
    Dogfest Bristol Review Dennis, Oliver and myself had a fantastic day at Dogfest Bristol on Saturday 23rd June. It was a great opportunity to be media partners with the Dogfest team. [ATTACH] supporting the dogforumuk team! It was fun watching everyone arrive with their dogs - so many breeds! Our first stop inside the festival was to ‘Daisy’s Deli’ which even had my mouth watering at their offerings let alone the dogs! A fantastic display of home baked goods. Dennis chose a Bacon and...
  • Josie
    Blog: Josie's blog. By Josie at 10:05 AM.
    Pure Pet Food review Dennis was very happy to receive a parcel from Pure Pet Foods this week and I was very intrigued by their dehydration and freeze dry method. [ATTACH] Licking his lips already! On the ‘What we do’ section of their website they explain the process they use to create their products. Please see below: DEHYDRATION The gentle process of dehydration involves blowing warm air across ingredients to remove the moisture content and preserve the food. Our meat, fruit and...
  • Josie
    Blog: Josie's blog. By Josie at 2:00 PM.
    The Hare and Hounds Hotel - Tetbury, Gloucestershire Review As an anniversary present to my Partner Oliver, I decided to whisk him and Dennis our Labrador away to one of our directory listings; The Hare and Hounds Hotel. The hotel is positioned right in between the westonbirt-arboretum and Tetbury - perfect. [ATTACH] Dennis eager to see what's inside! We were greeted by the lovely reception staff who made a fuss of Dennis and showed us to our room. The room I chose on their website was...
  • Josie
    Blog: Josie's blog. By Josie at 10:55 AM.
    Westonbirt Arboretum - Tetbury, Gloucestershire Review We are very lucky that we only live 40 minutes away from the Westonbirt Arboretum. I have been visiting for many years and although it has changed greatly, the area which is dog friendly has not. [ATTACH] Dennis after our walk There is a large dog friendly area where they can enjoy roaming freely (as long as they are well behaved of course!) and you still get to enjoy the beauty of the place. We went in March which isn't the...
  • Josie
    Blog: Josie's blog. By Josie at 11:04 AM.
    Lympscott Barn - Kilkhampton, Cornwall Review For my dads 60th birthday a few years ago we decided to surprise him by spending the weekend somewhere as a family. We found an amazing property through called Lympscott Barn, Kilkhampton. A fantastic barn conversion that sleeps unto 14 people, has a hot tub and of course is dog friendly! Since then we have visited this property a further two times. The most recent being the last weekend of February 2018. [ATTACH]...
  • May
    Blog: Josie's blog. By Josie at 4:42 PM.
    Dogrobes Review Dogrobes have kindly sent Dennis a dog robe and….wait for it….. it’s purple, his favourite colour! [ATTACH] They even wrote us a personal note After my squeals of excitement and Dennis’s bemusement at what was going on, I decided to try the dog robe on for size. The dogrobes team kindly told me how to measure Dennis correctly. They offer 9 different sizes ranging from a Yorkshire terrier up to a Newfoundland. I’ve always found it hard to get dog items in large so this is...
  • Josie
    Blog: Josie's blog. By Josie at 2:32 PM.
    Butternut Box Review We had another exciting delivery this week from Butternut Box! [ATTACH] Which one shall Dennis have first... The lovely team at Butternut Box sent me to their website where I could fill in all of Dennis’s personal details (he did try and help!). This is so they could send him the right quantity of meals. The form asks you all about your dog so they can provide exactly what you need to keep them happy, healthy and full up! I LOVE their website. It’s full of colour,...
  • Josie
    Blog: Josie's blog. By Josie at 2:02 PM.
    Bentley's Dog Food Review Dennis received his first ever parcel this week from one of our directory listings @BentleysDogFood! He was VERY excited!! [ATTACH] Dennis waiting patiently for me to open the parcel Inside we found they had kindly sent us samples of three different treats: Dried Sprats Composition: 100% Pure Fish An ideal Pure Fish training treat or tasty reward that can be fed whole or broken up. ◦ Promotes healthy skin and coat ◦ Rich in Omega 3 ◦ Hypo-allergenic ◦ High...
  • Josie
    Blog: Josie's blog. By Josie at 12:28 PM.
    Our stay at The Mill End Hotel - Chagford, Dartmoor Chagford in Dartmoor has to be one of our favourite places to take Dennis. It is the ultimate dog friendly place and we LOVE it! We decided to head there on the 21st December so we could make the most of the festive spirit that Chagford was sure to offer (of course Christmas jumpers were worn!) Once we’re packed up and ready to go we head straight to our treasured hotel The Mill End which is a true English country Hotel set in beautiful...
  • Josie
    Blog: Josie's blog. By Josie at 10:27 AM.
    A great day trip to Bath and pub-crawl with Dennis! One of our favourite things to do is spend the day in beautiful Bath City. We both relax knowing our Labrador Dennis can come along for the fun to! Our day begins at our local train station, Yatton. From there we take the train directly through to Bath Spa (£11 return not bad ey!). Dennis earns himself LOTS of attention from other passengers on the train, who can resist those big brown eyes! Did you know all trains in the UK are dog...
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