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  1. JudyN

    Nexgard flea treatment making my dog very unwell

    Do please let us know their response to your complaint - I hope it achieves something. Have you come across Wormcount or similar companies? You send them a stool sample and they check it for worms, so you only have to treat if your dog is infected. I used it with my dog and can thoroughly...
  2. JudyN

    Nexgard flea treatment making my dog very unwell

    I really hope this is the answer to your whippet's troubles. I'm wondering, if he may be generally sensitive to a range of medications, would it be worth trying using natural flea prevention for a while (or just keeping a close eye out and only treating if you see evidence of fleas) rather than...
  3. JudyN

    Weeing @ pooing in doors

    There's a lot of things it could be - your first port of call is the vet as they'll be able to investigate possible causes.
  4. JudyN

    Anyone have suggestions for tasty toothpaste?

    I tried Jasper on a few different toothpastes and the only one he liked was Logic...
  5. JudyN

    Another dog indoor wee problem.

    You can get dog beds that are raised to fit alongside human beds, like this: These Amazing Lofted Dog Beds Are Perfect For Pooches That Hog Your Bed Or there are the ones designed for babies like JoanneF linked to. Honestly, I wouldn't worry if it's 'fair' for your collie - it's a case of giving...
  6. JudyN

    Another dog indoor wee problem.

    My mistake - you did say he went in the hall as well as the kitchen. Could you try shutting him in the bedroom with you? It does mean that your collie won't be able to come in unless you let her in, but that's probably better than having your JRT toilet in the night.
  7. JudyN

    Another dog indoor wee problem.

    When he's in the kitchen, does he seem to come alert and maybe pace a bit before toileting, and does he then continue to wander? Or does he wake, have a calm pee/poo, and then settle straight back down again? If the former, then there may be something that's disturbing him, e.g. fox noises. If...