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  1. Flobo

    First mix of the new season.

    Sounds fab! Your wonderful veggie version @excuseme, not the deer stomach contents, as good as they be!🤢🤮😂
  2. Flobo


    It is scary and heart breaking when your dog has fits:( My heart does go out to you x
  3. Flobo


    If you feel the frequency of her fits is changing even with the medication tweak, or any behaviour change really, it may be worth mentioning it to your vet. I'm unsure of the epilepsy medications on offer for dogs now, there may be alternatives? I had a dog back in the late 80's/ early...
  4. Flobo

    The Dog Cafe

    Are you tempted??☺️ Oh I've just discovered loads more emojis!!!😝😁
  5. Flobo

    Guarding owner from other dog

    I agree re the muzzles not being particularly helpful unless other training goes along side the wearing. They can still kick off at each other and this would be a horrible experience for gd. If she was in the way, getting bashed accidently by a basket muzzle will still hurt and scare her. Is you...
  6. Flobo


    I would just follow her lead too as Joanne said. Having fits is exhausting for them, if she only has them occasionally I wouldn't worry about the lack of exercise too much in the time directly after...
  7. Flobo

    Dog magazines Aha!! Found it
  8. Flobo

    Dog magazines

    I'm sure there's a suggested reading list, (books not mags), on here somewhere... can't remember where I found it now! Might be of interest:)
  9. Flobo

    Guarding owner from other dog

    So when P challenges K, how does K respond? When you say spats, is it a proper kick off that would escalate without intervention? At the moment I'd say avoid the trigger situations when the little ones are around, if the dogs get on the rest of time... But does sound volatile, sorry I'm not much...
  10. Flobo

    5month cockerspaniel puppy advice

    Can't really add anything but please do have a look at the 'all about dog food' site mentioned above, if you don't want to go down the raw route... There are a lot better foods out there than Hero... The saying 'we are what we eat,(or given to eat)' absolutely applies to our dogs and any other...
  11. Flobo

    The Dog Cafe

    That's an interesting idea @JoanneF but I do think you'd have to be careful with that. Any care of someone else's dog(even one at a time) may require a licence and it would at least be wise to have insurance... things aren't quite as simple as they used to be... It would have to be researched, I...
  12. Flobo

    The Dog Cafe

    Oh noooo:eek:, @JudyN I clicked on that link, like a fool!!! I am such a sucker for the oldies.... I have a year and 8 months(not that I am counting:rolleyes::D)to go on my boarding licence before I could even consider adopting so I must remember not to look!! @Biker John there are always oldies...
  13. Flobo

    Help needed, Skin Problems in Old Dogs

    Can you phone or email the animal hospital for advice? You could send them a photo of his eye and tell them what you have been using.
  14. Flobo

    The Dog Cafe

    These situations must be so hard when you care about animals:( I can understand why so many street dogs are brought back to uk for adoption from various countries...
  15. Flobo

    The Dog Cafe

    In May down here we have a whole load of artists doing 'open house', where you can visit and look/buy local art. There is one called The Dog Show, I've had a look at some of the work and it's really lovely so I thought I'd share. A lot of the subjects seem to be of the long pointy nose variety...
  16. Flobo

    Help. American Akita.

    Yes definitely the right direction, at least you have some answers and he's enjoying your hugs :)
  17. Flobo

    Blue Bear, Now 23 Weeks

    Gosh he really has grown! He is gorgeous:)
  18. Flobo

    Dog cancer help

    @gee1111 I'm sorry if you felt I was lecturing you, that was not my intention at all... as a dog carer of many years myself I have had to recognise the fine line we walk. If you suggest something in relation to a dogs care and that dog then gets worse, whether it is related or not, how will you...
  19. Flobo

    7month blue staff

    Hi and welcome from me too:) So is Zeena more warrior or princess?(showing my age now, I know it's spelt different but...!:rolleyes::D)
  20. Flobo

    Buckley is getting bigger.

    Just lovely, updates and pics are never boring!:D Perfect!!