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  1. Mad Murphy

    5month cockerspaniel puppy advice

    One of the comments I received from the estate agent when I sold my house was that he would never have guessed that I had two dogs because there was no doggy smell in the house .. ( Due to lung issues we dont use air freshener products)
  2. Mad Murphy

    5month cockerspaniel puppy advice

    For Murphy it was beef, almost all commercial foods contain beef in some way shape or form he had a year on and off diarrhea and medications to help cure the diarrhoea caused by the food. The costs were enormous and the mess was disgusting. In the end I convinced my husband to try a raw diet...
  3. Mad Murphy

    The Dog Cafe

    My neighbour was unable to have a dog fulltime because of her husband.. But she fostered for a charity who home lots of dogs from Romania and Spain including Podenco's she said the wonderful part was seeing them blossom and helping to find the right forever home for them. Her costs were met by...
  4. Mad Murphy

    Deer on dog

    I agree they can and do dash out but when you see animals squashed in chevron/ blocked areas of road etc where cars shouldnt have been or you witness drivers swerve toward animals there is no fault on the animals part. In 40 years of driving on motorways and country roads across various...
  5. Mad Murphy

    Deer on dog

    Oh ok. I just cant stand anything nasty, we spend time almost daily removing dead animals from the roads because of careless ( im being generous) drivers and I hate the waste of life.
  6. Mad Murphy

    Deer on dog

    I'm not even going to open that video. Hunting deer with dogs is illegal in my country it's cruel for both the Deer and dog, if you get caught doing something like that here your liable to find your dog being pts
  7. Mad Murphy

    Harness for greyhound.

    I dont have a greyhound but I have a dog with a super high prey drive and a tip from a greyhound owner led me to the houdini type antiescape harness. basically the Y sort with an extra strap to stop them backing out and escaping.
  8. Mad Murphy

    Rocket in leafy salads.

    I dont dry simply shake off in the colender. And yes 180c...
  9. Mad Murphy

    Rocket in leafy salads.

    I always do mine thick cut from proper spuds. . Because of OH health I do soak for 30 mins and then in clean water bring to a boil for 2 minutes before draining and putting in the air fryer. Mine takes about 20 minutes this way for brilliant crispy outside fluffy inside brown chips.
  10. Mad Murphy

    Rocket in leafy salads.

    My favourite is chicken breast butterfly cut, spread with a little pesto and stuffed with mozzarella sun-dried tomatoes wrapped in bacon. It takes 30 mins and the roast potatoes cook alongside it. Great taste no fat and only one pan. ( Plus the veg one)
  11. Mad Murphy

    Rocket in leafy salads.

    Ive got two air fryers a single and one of the double ones. Cuts the use of oil for frying , cuts the use of oven use for small portions. We use it for all sorts of things not just the advertised chips and sausages.. (got a microwave too, I like it as a plate warmer.)
  12. Mad Murphy

    Rocket in leafy salads.

    It's just the latest hype isn't it? I don't mind the odd rocket Leaf but not loads of it. It's bit like balsamic vinegar I personally don't like it we went to the restaurant of a famous TV chef in London and the meal was ruined by a thick and I really mean thick layer of balsamic vinegar over...
  13. Mad Murphy

    Dog cancer help

    I know this sounds harsh but they are her people not you they have to make this decision and bear the consequences. Alternative therapies are great for relieving pain or additional discomforts but they are no replacement for traditional medically scientifically proved treatments. The best thing...
  14. Mad Murphy

    How do you pick the right breed?

    I'm glad that you have been able to make the choice you feel is right for you and I wish you luck in seeking a good and decent breeder. It may sound really easy to search about a breed but in some cases websites even breeders can be misleading. We have a fries stabyhound. If you google them...
  15. Mad Murphy

    QUERY: New puppy 1 undescended testicle

    As dogs are considered property ( disgusting but true) the same laws should apply ie you can get a refund for damage goods or a product which does not meet expectations . In this case you have decided that the pup is by virtue of its medical issue damaged, so it could be argued that the...
  16. Mad Murphy

    Do dogs actually "smile"

    Id say its more about eye shape and they way my dogs ears are set that tells me the mood..
  17. Mad Murphy

    Miniature dachshund

    I agree with JudyN here. Besides if you use the wrong cream you could make matters worse. Please see the vet and get the right advice it could also save you a lot of money in the long term by getting the correct treatment early.
  18. Mad Murphy

    QUERY: New puppy 1 undescended testicle

    Ive had this in two dogs, the first giant breed c Bouvier des Flanders x st Bernard and the other in a cross fox Terrier. Neither dog had any ill effect the Bouvier was 5 before it was removed as a vet scared us with cancer stories and tests came back 100% normal. The terrier was just over a...
  19. Mad Murphy

    Hello Fellow dog lovers

    Wow this really is an example of the conversation we had about vet costs. £1000 for an xray???? I paid €85 last year and my vet apologised for the cost. As for fundraising maybe FB or go fund me would work for you. Good luck.
  20. Mad Murphy

    Vet care too expensive?

    I was listening to BBC radio 4 ( yes I am that old) and they were discussing this ongoing issue and that in a review launched last year it has been said that owners may be being overcharged for medication and that many vets dont or wont show prices either online or in reception so that pet...