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  1. Sam.P

    Help with barking in cafe.

    Hi , my dog is a 3 1/2 year shi chi and is generally well behaved , I am trying to reintroduce her to be able to go to pubs/ cafes in the nicer weather and have found a local dog freindly cafe which i have decided to take her to, to help her get used to going out. She usually barks even in empty...
  2. P

    Younger dog attacking older dog help.

    Hi, so I have been having an issue where my younger dog is attacking my older dog and it has ramped up from the odd time to now every day. It happens at night time when we are all on the bed and my older dog will be asleep when all of a sudden my younger dog will sit up from whatever she is...
  3. T

    Weird behavior

    Hello. This is my first post so please be gentle. I have a nearly 4 year old amazing dog who is a sheltie-doodle x Jack Russel. (Dad was a brave jrt lol) we rescued him from a horrible family when he was less than 6 months old. He gets on really well with our cat, and our now teenage son. He is...
  4. Benny910

    Crying constantly while working from home

    I have no idea what is happening to our staffie, my partner and I have both started working from home - I have been at it for about 6 months and she has been at it for about a month. ever since she started, our staff does not stop crying unless he is touching her, like pretty much in her face...
  5. S

    Cavapoo puppy advice needed!

    Hi, we reserved a puppy when it was 1 week old after putting a 12.5% deposit. We were sent a health check of the toy poodle stud (clear of degenerative myelopathy) and a KC registration for the mother Cavalier King Charles spaniel. The mother is also supposedly health tested although we haven’t...
  6. VictoriaSonny

    Barking and Biting on walks

    Sonny’s recall is okay. Still needs a lot of practicing as he doesn’t come to heel or come back when called every single time. (He’s not even 4 months old so I’m not down about it.) HOWEVER, what’s getting me down is when we are out walking, he will have a personality switch and just start...
  7. Abbie.xo

    Very Demanding on the lead! - How to stop a dog pulling on the lead?

    Hi, My dog is from the RSPCA and we don’t know his past, he is quite young (he’s around 2) and he’s is very strong and pulls on the lead, if you walk him round the block your hand will be bruised! Does anyone Know how to train a dog to stop pulling on the lead when he goes for walks? (Btw...
  8. giltteryange

    Help with my dog

    Hello! My name's Angelika, I live in Poland and I have a really cute dog (Yorkshire Biewer) named Raselka. She's 3 years old. Last year, in September, my parents came back home from work with her. She's absolutely beautiful and I really love her. The problem is, she was taken from bad people. My...