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behavioural issues

  1. S

    Change in behaviour

    Hi My 9 year old Lhasa Maltese cross’ behaviour has changed in recent weeks. He’s always been an alert dog barking at the doorbell etc but recently he seems so nervy jumping if we just move or he hears a sound. He whines at us even though he’s fed, watered,walked etc and gets plenty of...
  2. DianeB83


    Hi everyone, My name is Diane. We adopted a young collie around 4 months ago and I’m hoping for some help with certain aspects of his behaviour. Hoping that someone will be able to help. Looking forward to getting to know the community.
  3. C

    Yelping, scratching, biting

    Hi there, apologies in advance for the long post. I’m looking for some advice if anyone can help me. I have an 18 month old male cockapoo. He is neutered and we have had him since he was a puppy. He came from a reputable breeder. Occasionally, when my husband comes home and finds the dog has...
  4. megf.h

    Aggression and confusion, help!!

    Hi, I have a 5 year old female rescue dog. When we got her, she was scared of most dogs and used to try and run when she had to cross paths with them. But recently she’s switched from cowering to being aggressive (which I still believe is fear-based). When she sees another dog she growls...
  5. Betty Boo

    Advice Needed - Toilet Trained Dog Nighttime Pooping

    We recently came back from a holiday to a poorly pup - our dog is 1 year old and fully toilet trained, a complete creature of the routine usually. He has been suffering from Diarrhoea for about 7-10 days now (no sickness, excitable, playful normal behaviour, just very runny stools) the vet...
  6. Crazy Dog Man

    Update on Lady

    She's perfectly fine now, she's back to normal, she was just overeating and needs to lose a bit of weight. Her liver and gallbladder are enlarged but it appears it's been that way for a while. All the tests have come back normal, she just ate until she got dehydrated and gave herself a sore...
  7. Ava

    Bossy puppy with 4 previous homes

    Hi guys, I really do hope you can offer me some advice, because I'm feeling overwhelmed. :( We've had our beautiful JRT x Chihuahua since he was 11 months old - he's 16 months now. We know he's had quite a few homes before us, so we understand why he has some issues. First, let me tell you all...