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  1. S

    Cavapoo puppy advice needed!

    Hi, we reserved a puppy when it was 1 week old after putting a 12.5% deposit. We were sent a health check of the toy poodle stud (clear of degenerative myelopathy) and a KC registration for the mother Cavalier King Charles spaniel. The mother is also supposedly health tested although we haven’t...
  2. R

    The Canine Club, Lingfield

    Hi, I'm interested in getting a Cavapoo but haven't purchased a dog before so slightly hesitant as to how to go about it. I've come across The Canine Club near Lingfield and was wondering if anyone could recommend them or knew anything more about the breeder? Or if any other breeders could be...
  3. Blessing

    New Community Member

    Hi everyone, I just got a little Cavapoochon and I love him so much and want to make sure I do right by him. Hoping to learn a lot from all of you and lean on you when I need help with my little bubba
  4. S

    Cavapoo mum

    Hi there, I'm Suzie, mum to Kenny, our 6 month old Cavapoo. He's generally great but, given he's our 'lockdown puppy', he does suffer from separation anxiety from me given I've been with him the most in our family, and is a bit naughty, climbing on furniture he shouldn't, chewing our coffee...
  5. D

    We went to see cavapoo puppies locally. Am i doing something wrong?

    Hi all, New to the forum, never owned a dog before, family of 4 from Lytham St. Annes, NW UK. Looking for a Cavapoo in the next few months. We went to Longview Kennels & Cattery, a highly rated, five star, local council (Fylde) certified breeder today to view some Cavapoos. They're KC...
  6. Pip-n-Stan

    Severe ear problem

    Hi everyone, hoping you can help me out as I feel like I’m bugging the vets to no end lol. Have rung 4/5 times and visited twice with Pippin and once with Stan in past 48 hours... Pippin seems to have a severe infection in her right ear. She had the same kind of problem - although not to this...