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  1. Benny910

    Crying constantly while working from home

    I have no idea what is happening to our staffie, my partner and I have both started working from home - I have been at it for about 6 months and she has been at it for about a month. ever since she started, our staff does not stop crying unless he is touching her, like pretty much in her face...
  2. A

    Puppy happy to be left but only for a short amount of time..

    Hi, we have a wonderful 13 week old terrier he’s a very excitable chap and has lots of energy! We’ve been slowly training him to be happy left alone, and he’s doing pretty well! So far we have been able to leave him in his crate for around an hourish as long as he is very very tired. However...
  3. MrReuben

    General sleeping help

    Hello, My partner and I have a 12 week mini dachshund (had him for 4 weeks now). Initially we had him in his pen next to our bed for the first 10 days or so, this worked well - we would wake up at 3, wake him up and take him out to the loo, then he would fall back to sleep in his pen next to us...