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  1. Crazy Dog Man

    Remembering Lady

    A lot of the members on this forum loved my photos of my family dog Lady so I wanted to create a special thread to remember her by. I'm going to add more in the comments as the site is limiting me on adding more files
  2. Street dog shelter

    SDS Essentials

    This is going to be Our main thread by which you are going to travel with us (The SDS) Get ready to express everything a local shelter facing in it's journey About SDS Founded in by Guru .has been rescuing Street Dogs and animals.We had saved more than 7000 Dogs from Indian streets and...
  3. Aurora Pets

    On the blog: An interview with Cloud7

    We at Aurora Pets HQ believe in testing the brands we sell so that we can ensure the quality and designs are up to a high standard. Cloud7 designs and style are always a pleasure to experience and have in our dog's wardrobe. From their Little Nap felt nature dog bed to their Vondelpark toffee...