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dog food

  1. S

    Optimal Transition to Adult Dog Food

    Dear Pet Enthusiasts, Seeking expert advice on transitioning puppies to adult dog food. Key queries: Age: When to switch from puppy to adult food, considering breed size differences? Transition: Best practices to minimize upset and ensure acceptance? Nutrition: How to adjust for growth and...
  2. theoutdor

    Actually which is the best dehydrated dog foods

    I have the same option to give but right away I can not understand, Could you give me a list suitable for my puppy? My dog age 7 years and the other one is 3 years.
  3. theoutdor

    Which is healthier pumpkin or sweet potato?

    which one is the best for my dog
  4. J

    MSc Dissertation- Dog Nutrition please help!

    Hi everyone, As part of my MSc in International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law with the University of Edinburgh, I am exploring attitudes of UK dog owners towards canine nutrition and, in particular, insect-based diets. If you are a UK dog-owner aged 18 or over, I would be really grateful if you...
  5. K9manifesto

    Dog food ingredients !

    hello whatsl should be the ingredients of dog food we must considered safe to our dog? or just raw food and table food?
  6. L


    Hello, I'm Laura from Charlie's Rewarding Pet Nutrition. I'm here because I am interested in what questions people have about their dog's food and nutrition. I look forward to virtually meeting you!
  7. Crazy Dog Man

    Update on Lady

    She's perfectly fine now, she's back to normal, she was just overeating and needs to lose a bit of weight. Her liver and gallbladder are enlarged but it appears it's been that way for a while. All the tests have come back normal, she just ate until she got dehydrated and gave herself a sore...
  8. Crazy Dog Man

    Which seasons/series of It's Me Or the Dog are aired in the UK?

    I thought I'd ask everyone here as most of the me members here love dogs. Also, my thread about Lady's eating habits was deleted? Edit: I found the thread about Lady's eating habits, lol
  9. D

    Selling Various Doggy Items Available

    i have surplus of the following for sale plastic muzzles chrome muzzles(large) cloth cages(large and small) wire cages(all sizes up to xxl) racing jackets(greyhound sizes) eukanuba complete lrge breed i have 10 bags available stainless steel bowls wooden shed/kennel with run sections and...