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dog health

  1. W

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  2. K9manifesto

    Life long immunity.

    Hi, guys just asking about the article I have read about the long-term effect of rabies vaccine on our dog. It said that the rabies vaccine can be used for a single 1-year booster and can protect our pet from being infected (rabid) for at least 5-7 years. It also said that yearly vaccination...
  3. Emmahx_

    What’s this on my puppies neck?

    Hi I noticed a spot on my Pomeranian puppies neck and it looks like it’s in her neck I don’t know if it’s a tick or something? It’s very small and she seems pretty normal but she does bite the fur in that area so I don’t know if it itches. And help would be appreciated xx
  4. Tezza

    Odd little things found embedded in my dogs skin. Concerned as to what they are!?

    Hi all! :) Quite recently I've found some small odd things dotted around on one of my dogs. She's a lurcher cross, has epilepsy but apart from that, nothing else that we're aware of. These things are quite thin and hard and are sort of half embedded into the skin and half protruding out. Maybe...
  5. Crazy Dog Man

    Lady exhausted from the hot sunshine

    It's been a while since I last posted on here. I finally patched things with my mother and got to see Lady the JRT whilst visiting my parents. My mother and I took Lady for a nice long walk in the beautiful sunshine but it was a very hot day so passed on on the couch. Here's some of the...
  6. W

    What the appearance of your dog's hair says about his health?

    Believe it or not, your dog's hair says a lot more than you can imagine , because not only is it an aesthetic element, but it is truly a reflection of your dog's state of health. A dog with dull, weak hair, that falls in excess or with a bad smell can indicate that your dog is having problems...