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  1. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco being cute as usual

  2. Crazy Dog Man

    Latest Rocco pictures

    Here are some more adorably cute pictures of Rocco, he's still loving the Yorkshire life :D He's been so cheeky trying to stop eating his food and begging for treats and he's been throwing tantrums every time my mum or dad is not home :rolleyes:
  3. Crazy Dog Man

    Do rottweilers really growl sometimes when happy?

    A friend of mine had a rottie and I remembered she loved affection and once when I was petting her whilst she was eating her food, she was growling so I stopped because I thought I was getting on her nerves or that she was going to bite me but then recently I saw a few YouTube videos of people...
  4. Crazy Dog Man

    Things you have learned from your dog?

    A lot of people have said how much their furr baby has changed their life and what a big impact they've been to them. What are the things you have learned from your dog? How has your dog changed your life? Please share your experience. Lady made me more open to other animals as I used to be...
  5. Crazy Dog Man

    A Dog's Purpose Sequel: Will we dog lovers like it?

    The other night I saw an ad on TV for "A Dog's Journey", the sequel to "A Dog's Purpose". 3 years ago I watched the first film and found it heartwarming, Bailey & Ethan's friendship reminded me of my special bond with Lady as well as her own bad habits, but then there were rumours online...
  6. Mode Prints

    Your Perfect Gift As a Dog Lover?

    Hi everyone, My name is Sam and I work for Mode Prints. We are interested to find out what would your favourite gift be as a dog lover? Here is a little preview of one of our latest products, the 'Personalised Dog Family Print'. Let us know! We'd love to hear from you. Sam
  7. Street dog shelter

    SDS Essentials

    This is going to be Our main thread by which you are going to travel with us (The SDS) Get ready to express everything a local shelter facing in it's journey About SDS Founded in by Guru .has been rescuing Street Dogs and animals.We had saved more than 7000 Dogs from Indian streets and...
  8. K

    Big hello from all of us

    Our 2 dogs are very lucky things, here at Kipscombe in North Devon they have 11 acres of land to explore, agility to play on, gundog scurry and brush scurry and a babbling brook to cool of in when hot. Yet still they get bored and never seem tired. Come on dogs please use the comfy bed we gave...
  9. justinsmith


    I M 18 and I m from Tunisia and I want to make new friends around the world