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dog photos

  1. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco being cute as usual

  2. Crazy Dog Man

    Latest Rocco pictures

    Here are some more adorably cute pictures of Rocco, he's still loving the Yorkshire life :D He's been so cheeky trying to stop eating his food and begging for treats and he's been throwing tantrums every time my mum or dad is not home :rolleyes:
  3. Crazy Dog Man

    New pictures of Rocco

    Here are some cute photos I took of Rocco from my visit to my parents house last week on the 4th... He was so happy to see me :D He demanded so much attention from me and step father :p I originally uploaded these onto Snapchat but thought I'd share them with you all too :cool:
  4. Elliemum2x

    Walk, in our forest! ( UK, Dorset )

  5. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco cuddling up with my stepfather

  6. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco cuddling me

    This dog is just a big softie, he loves attention. I think he enjoys cuddling me because I always give him ear massages and treats, haha! :p When my family and I adopted him, he was so nervous and didn't really want any cuddles or kisses because of him being a rescue but now he just cannot get...
  7. Crazy Dog Man

    Cute picture of Rocco smiling

  8. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco's progress

    So, as you all know, after our lovely, beautiful JRT Lady passed away, we adopted Rocco the Indian Pariah (Pye). He's so sweet, we adopted him in May 2019 and he has been in my family ever since. He's gotten comfortable and is really happy here. He still gets very nervous around men and does not...
  9. Crazy Dog Man

    Friday with Rocco

  10. Crazy Dog Man

    Rocco being cute as usual

  11. houseof_fraser

    Instagram Friends?

    Hey everyone, Hope you’re all having a lovely Thursday, we can’t wait for the weekend Just wondering if anyone has Instagram accounts for their pups? We love following genuine accounts and watching pups on all their adventures, so fed up of the ones who just want fake followers & never...