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dog walking

  1. J

    Dog Walking Areas in Bristol

    Hi Guys! New to the page, anyone know of good dog walking areas in Bristol? Thanks!
  2. houseof_fraser

    Fear Related Aggression Reactivity

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone had any experience or tips for a fearful dog with reactivity issues towards other dogs.. Our 4 year old collie has always been of a fearful nature, she came from a very quiet hill farm in Wales and was fed on cornflakes and milk when weaned (the man was so so...
  3. S

    Dog boarder needed SW London

    My company is looking for dog lovers in SW London who can board dogs for our expanding client base. You will need a car to pick up and drop off the dogs. Food, bed, bowls, toys etc provided by clients. Ideally you will have a garden or a park close by. We’re also looking for full time, mature...
  4. Aurora Pets

    On the blog: Aurora Pets visits Oxshott Heath & Woods

    A big attraction to this dog walking area is the sandpit which is surrounded by the woodland. When we arrived at the sandpit we could see why it was such a big hit for dogs! There were dogs of different breeds running and playing the large dip of sandy land. Of course, Yianni and Yoko went...
  5. DogWalkingCarlisle

    Dog Walking in Carlisle (Cumbria)

    We are a Carlisle based family business with more than 15 years experience in dog care. We have owned dogs, cats and other animals for many years. We are committed to offering a professional and reliable service, ensuring the welfare and safety of your pets whilst they are in our care. The...
  6. M

    Taking the Plunge - Opinions Please

    I have taken the plunge and decided to leave my current reasonably well paid if some what stressful job and start a dog walking and future home boarding business. I have done the majority of prep, including website, flyers, business cards and have a fully kitted out van ready to go. But the...
  7. pre7tysimple

    Hey, I'm new & have something to share!

    Hello everybody! I'm Dino, and my partner and I share our lives with a crazy 2 year old beagle called Marley. A couple months back we started filming some of the best dog walks that we could find in our local area. Our adventure so far has taken us all over Cardiff (where we live), and we want...
  8. Walkiestime

    Hello all doggy owners

    Hello, my name is Karen and my company is Here goes what a lovely morning. I am a professional dog walker, cat sitter, Holiday care giver to animals wishing to stay home while mum and dad are on holiday. I am fully DBS checked and fully insured. I have rescued 4 dogs from...
  9. Puggy Petz


    Hello everybody, I am starting a dog walking, pet care service in Northampton. Has anybody got any tips on advertising to get myself noticed?
  10. Find&See

    Finding dog walks

    Hi all, I was just wondering how everyone finds new places out take their dogs and what they look for? Look forward to hearing your replies
  11. Linda O'Byrne

    Dog home boarding, dog walking in Bolton area

    Hi, I own a dog home boarding and dog walking business in Bolton. We also offer pet taxi and puppy visits. As dog owners, and dog lovers, we understand how stressful it can be too leave your pet whilst at work or where to board your beloved pets when going on holiday or away on business. We...