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dog walks

  1. S

    Dog boarder needed SW London

    My company is looking for dog lovers in SW London who can board dogs for our expanding client base. You will need a car to pick up and drop off the dogs. Food, bed, bowls, toys etc provided by clients. Ideally you will have a garden or a park close by. We’re also looking for full time, mature...
  2. Aurora Pets

    Aurora Pets visits Ashdown Forest, Sussex

    Ashdown forest is one of the largest free public access spaces in the South East. This beautiful dog walking area is full of history and spectacular views over the Sussex countryside. Not only is this a lovely dog-friendly walking area, but it is also Famous for being the 'home' of...
  3. pre7tysimple

    Hey, I'm new & have something to share!

    Hello everybody! I'm Dino, and my partner and I share our lives with a crazy 2 year old beagle called Marley. A couple months back we started filming some of the best dog walks that we could find in our local area. Our adventure so far has taken us all over Cardiff (where we live), and we want...
  4. Aurora Pets

    Aurora Pets Visits Camber Sands - New Blog

    Known as one of the most loved coastal beaches in the South East is Camber Sands - a stunning dog-friendly beach that stretches for almost five miles. It is unlike the other beaches along the Sussex coast due to the fine, golden sand. The soft sand is not the only superb attraction to this...
  5. Aurora Pets

    Yianni the Frenchie

    Out on walks in Epping Forest
  6. springerspaniel_luna

    Morning sunshine

    Me and my mummy are absolutely loving the days getting longer because we finally get to do our morning walkies in the sunshine again. Who else is enjoying the longer days?