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  1. B

    Harness Recomendations for Lurcher

    Hi everyone, Our six month old lurcher puppy needs a new harness. The problem we are having is that he has slightly odd body proportions due to his mix (mainly a greyhound x beagle x foxhound + many other breeds) and his current harness fits in some areas but not others. Due to him being a...
  2. Luke Kershaw

    Documentary film resurrecting an extinct breed!

    The English Deerhound was an extinct breed, lost to the historical fields and hedges of England. So far back in history its name could only be heard through myth and legend. David Platt's had a vision, a goal. To recreate the English Deerhound, dragging the breed back through the fossil records...
  3. A

    Please Help!! Greyhound Destroying Bedding in Crate.

    Hi All, I'm really in dire straits right now and desperate for some help and advice, my Greyhound is persistently destroying her bedding in her crate when it's time to go to bed, her whining and heavy panting is also starting to become difficult to live with. Here's some background info for...
  4. smithwold

    Greyhound/Whippet/Sighthound Vets?

    Hi all, looking to create a nationwide list of vets who specialise in Athletic/Running dogs. If anyone has they know and use would they be kind enough to post either here of PM: name of the practice, any specific vets, address and phone number please. Thanks in advance.
  5. A

    The Cake Challenge is coming!!

    Hi all, Here at Forever Hounds Trust, we are seeking bakers to take part in our Crazy Cake Challenge this October - November. What are we hoping people will do? Well, the idea is simple - make cake, sell cake, eat cake! We are seeking 300 bakers to raise £50 each by holding a cake sale, bake...
  6. A

    Watch - Big Hound Chill Out video

    Big Hound Chill Out 2018! Watch the video and see how you can support Forever Hounds Trust. Thanks for reading <3
  7. Agrippina

    Hello everyone! Here is my amazing boy :-)

  8. G

    Greyhound potty training

    Hi! Last week, my girlfriend and I recently adopted a 2.5 month old greyhound called Lilo (pronounced leelu as we are in Spain), from a rescue centre. He is a lovely but very anxious dog, very scared of being alone or in confined spaces. He was found abandoned 2 weeks ago. He wants to be with...