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  1. Sofia Tuominen

    Australian labradoodle grooming tips please

    Sunny is an australian labradoodle that isn't a fan of brushing but isn't aggressive or anything she just walks away or fidgets. But its still difficult to brush her properly and gets matted to the skin and needs to go to groomers to get it all shaved off. Is there any easy tips to brush long...
  2. Emma Evans Collado

    Hello! Little Maltese Rescue Dog Coat learning!

    Hello, I found this forum today as I have a bit of a problem and maybe even a bright idea? We rescued a little pup last year to be company for our male spaniel cross and all has been great! We had her DNA checked to see what breed she was to help with health and dietary requirements...
  3. J

    Wahl 9590/8550 dog clippers

    Hello, I have a set of wahl 9590/8550 clippers and I've lost the bit of plastic that sits behind the blades and drives the blade. Does anyone know what this part is called and where I might be able to buy one? Wahl website is currently not taking questions unless you have an active order with...
  4. TOG

    New Pooch Services. TOG.

    Hi everyone, hope you all had a great Christmas if you celebrated it. My wife and I have recently returned from 5 years of living in Australia to our hometown of Morecambe as we are about to have our first child! We have opened up shop offering grooming, boarding, daycare and walkies in the...
  5. N

    My dog is out of control

    Donnie is a 6 year old shih tzu whom I’ve had since he was 6 weeks old but we’ve been having problems recently. His hair has grown out pretty long and I haven’t washed him in a few weeks but I’ve noticed he’s got a load of poo around his anus which he used to get when he was younger quite a lot...