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  1. M

    Spots on Puppy's belly

    Hello, I recently picked up a lab/German shepherd. In the last week she's developed these spots. Unfortunately it's a Sunday now and the vets aren't open so hoping to post here and get some ease of mind until tomorrow (will be going to vets). She's waiting for her second vaccine (11weeks old)...
  2. A

    Corneal Ulcer BUT dog is allergic to local anaesthesia PLEASE HELP

    Hi, I have an 11 year old Husky, still has all the energy in the world and has been of great health up until a cist on here eye caused a corneal ulcer. Have been to the vet and been given copious amounts of medication but the way things are looking, the ulcer looks too bad to be cured with...
  3. P

    Who want to try our new pet health app?

    Hi Guys! We are launching an app soon that enables you to track your dog's health and get advice on long-term wellbeing, nutrition and training. Is anyone interested in trying it out (just leave "yes" in the comments)? It's free :Woot The first people to join will get a free online...
  4. T

    Need Help With Bleeding Paws / Possible Degenerative Myelopathy

    Hello all, My name is Tom and I have a little French bulldog Called Marlin. She means everything to me. She is just coming up to her 7th year ( in September) and we have started to notice what we think is the start of degenerative Myelopathy which is to be honest... heartbreaking. She has...
  5. Rob1stoption


    Hi Everyone, My name is Rob and I am puppy parent to the gorgeous Oscar, a Beautiful Dalmatian. I am also lucky enough to be the content creator for Jurassic Bark pet supplies in Cambridgeshire and Norfolk. If anyone has any questions or queries, don't hesitate to get in touch as I'm sure I...
  6. R

    Should I give my elderly dog supplements?

    My dog (small dog) is very old (about 15) and has gradually started to deteriorate as you would sadly expect, noticeably more recently, although he is still fit for his age. I’m just wondering if I should be feeding him supplements? What do other owners of elderly dogs do? He has quite a weak...
  7. H

    Diabetic Dog

    My nine-year-old Yorkshire terrier has just been diagnosed with diabetes. I have diabetes myself, so I'm familiar with how it works. What's bothering me is that it's going to be a struggle to get her to adapt to a new routine. Usually, she eats four times a day. However, the vet's told me that...
  8. E

    What could this issue with paws be

    Hey, I'm new to the forum. I was wondering if someone could help me with an issue my dogs having at the moment. I've got a 2 year old staffy called Benji, last year he had an issue between his paws which became saw, I never found the root cause of it, the vets said it was most likely an...
  9. Crazy Dog Man

    Lady update

    As mentioned in my recent thread, Lady is no longer with us and so her Facebook profile is scheduled to be removed, but her fan page will still be up and running. She had a very happy life with my parents, she gave me unconditional love when I needed it, I wish I could have had a final moment...
  10. megf.h

    One swollen teat?

    Hi, My dog Mabel is a rescue dog. Before we got her, they said they were monitoring her mammary glands since when she was spayed they started to swell a bit. After a few weeks, she was all clear and they told us not to worry as it is common for spayed dogs to show lumps and bumps afterwards...
  11. Crazy Dog Man

    Lady is not doing too good

    This is really not how I imagined my first post in a long time. It's been so long since I was an active member of this community and I was just thinking about this site the other day, now here I am breaking some sad news about my family pet. Lady wasn't really my dog, she was adopted by my...
  12. A

    Free vet advice Facebook page!

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know, that if you live in Bristol, there is a brilliant new Facebook group run by Animal House Vets, which is an independent group of vets across Bristol. Basically, if you have a question about your pet's health, just post it and their Senior Head Vet...
  13. C

    Dog Owners Help!

    I'm currently at university doing my dissertation about pheromones in domestic dogs. It would be very helpful if all dog owners could complete the survey below. Thank you. Survey - Canine Pheromones Survey.
  14. C

    Dog Owners Needed

    I'm currently at university doing my dissertation about pheromones in domestic dogs. It would be very helpful if all dog owners could complete the survey below. Thank you. Survey - Canine Pheromones Survey.
  15. C

    Dog Owners Needed.

    I'm currently at university doing my dissertation about pheromones in domestic dogs. It would be very helpful if all dog owners could complete the survey below. Thank you. Survey -
  16. Tezza

    Odd little things found embedded in my dogs skin. Concerned as to what they are!?

    Hi all! :) Quite recently I've found some small odd things dotted around on one of my dogs. She's a lurcher cross, has epilepsy but apart from that, nothing else that we're aware of. These things are quite thin and hard and are sort of half embedded into the skin and half protruding out. Maybe...
  17. Crazy Dog Man

    Lady exhausted from the hot sunshine

    It's been a while since I last posted on here. I finally patched things with my mother and got to see Lady the JRT whilst visiting my parents. My mother and I took Lady for a nice long walk in the beautiful sunshine but it was a very hot day so passed on on the couch. Here's some of the...
  18. Crazy Dog Man

    Update on Lady

    She's perfectly fine now, she's back to normal, she was just overeating and needs to lose a bit of weight. Her liver and gallbladder are enlarged but it appears it's been that way for a while. All the tests have come back normal, she just ate until she got dehydrated and gave herself a sore...
  19. Crazy Dog Man

    Lady is very sick :(

    Monday night she was drinking too much water and going out to the toilet a lot and she ended up peeing herself which is very out of character of her so my mother took her to the vets yesterday morning as an emergency and Lady's stomach is in a lot of pain so she's been staying overnight on IV...
  20. R

    Most important health benefits and vitamins for dogs

    How important is it to you to buy healthy food for your dog? type appropriate response: Very Important / Quite Important / Not Particularly Important / Not Important. Choose 3 of these 20 health benefits and vitamins in order of importance 1 - most important 2 - very important 3 -...