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  1. Crazy Dog Man

    Things you have learned from your dog?

    A lot of people have said how much their furr baby has changed their life and what a big impact they've been to them. What are the things you have learned from your dog? How has your dog changed your life? Please share your experience. Lady made me more open to other animals as I used to be...
  2. Street dog shelter

    suggestions please!!

    As i have already mentioned on my rescue story tom's legs got paralyzed in a car hit now our surgeons saying that he can't walk again so that they recommended to use a dog wheelchair or Dog kart but i have no idea about that so anyone please suggest me a good Dog kart or wheelchair please
  3. Street dog shelter

    how cute

    These four babies are new with us and now whe have 255 dogs in shelter so let's celebrate
  4. Street dog shelter


    One of the team member of SDS had sent me this pic i don't know the origin of this pic but love to see this again and again
  5. Street dog shelter


  6. Street dog shelter

    Members of SDS