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new dog help

  1. P

    New energetic daschund in the home

    Thank you in advance for reading, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I rescued a sausage dog (toots) 8 months ago, she’s very calm and I rescued another sausage dog (no name yet) a few days ago as she was being abandoned, both had been used for breeding. The new dachshund is very...
  2. Lucygevans

    Hello! Dog Mum of a rescue!

    We have had Hetty (1yo rescued Bulgarian Street dog) for 2 months now! She is very anxious of people/noises/surroundings. We are still getting to grips with what triggers her and how to help, but looking forward to learning and to see what tips I can pick up from being here :emoji_blush:
  3. A

    Someone help me out - which puppy breed!?

    I’m currently through with persuading my parents to let me get a puppy. I’ve done a LOT of research, and for all of you to know, we typically need these qualities in a dog: Protective (watchdog and guarding instincts) Loyal Trainable and smart Affectionate and good with family Low exercise...
  4. leashedForLife

    Some good, trustworthy resources for new-pup or new-dog owners

    . Even if U're not a novice, every dog is an individual, & our latest loves might throw us some wild curve-balls. Information is everywhere, but GOOD info can be hard to winnow from the half-a$$ed hooey. :oops: Here are some really-reliable sources: - especially Free...