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new dog

  1. Lucygevans

    Hello! Dog Mum of a rescue!

    We have had Hetty (1yo rescued Bulgarian Street dog) for 2 months now! She is very anxious of people/noises/surroundings. We are still getting to grips with what triggers her and how to help, but looking forward to learning and to see what tips I can pick up from being here :emoji_blush:
  2. B

    Finally allowed to get a dog!

    Hello all, New member to the community as, after a huge amount of persuasion, my wife as finally agreed we can get a dog! While we are all hugely excited about having a dog, my wife has given some conditions (me and the kids had to sign a contract ) and I was hoping to get some advice on...
  3. English bulldogs

    Change of ownership advice

    Hi all! I purchased an English bulldog 3 years ago. It was fully KC reg etc and I received 5 generation pedigree etc etc. She is also microchipped in my name and address (the seller came with me when I got this done) but I never ever changed ownership! I have now come to do it and I don't have...
  4. Blessing

    New Community Member

    Hi everyone, I just got a little Cavapoochon and I love him so much and want to make sure I do right by him. Hoping to learn a lot from all of you and lean on you when I need help with my little bubba
  5. jasmine123


    need help l, urgent, me and my family adopted a dog yesterday, all was fine in the meeting but after bringing them home our first dog harley (9month)is snapping at the new dog boss (4) for touching her toys and has scratched his face. what should we do. dont want to have to send boss back and we...
  6. Rachel2832

    2 dogs living together.. one wants to play constantly the other not bothered

    I've just moved into a new house and my new housemate (who was here before I moved in) has a 4 yr old male springer spaniel. Mine is an almost 2 year old female labrador. When they first met (before we decided if it would work with me moving in) they got on fine and played together. Since moving...
  7. C

    Advice on moving dog to new owners

    Hello - I'm totally new to this forum AND to dog-owning. In fact, I don't even own a dog *yet*. I'm looking into adopting a spaniel from an older friend. He's moving home to be nearer family and it won't be a suitable place for his dog, plus he's struggling to cope as he's getting on and...