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new puppy

  1. J

    Sleeping Arrangement Advice For Puppy

    Hi everyone my first post on here. my beautiful 4 month old bulldog is settled really well and bonded with us. she already knows tricks and is learning toilet arrangements very fast! I’ve been trying to train her to sleep in the living room in her crate. She sleeps in there no problem when we...
  2. Smriti

    New Puppy Parent to a Bichon Frise

    Hello - My husband and I are new puppy parents to a little Bichon Frise puppy, who is now 8 weeks old (Archer). Little Archer is doing great, and my husband and I are starting to train him, and he will be going to puppy socialization classes (after his vaccines). Question - How do we deal with...
  3. S

    Poorly Puppy

    Hi first time I have joined the community but unfortunately because I have a very poorly Sproodle puppy. Has been in the vets since boxing day with diaharrhea vomiting sickness. Vets assumed a blockage but when they operated they found an inflamed pyloric the stomach. They believe this is...