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  1. F

    A lover of dogs is here

    Hi everyone, It's my pleasure to be here, to learn more about dogs' life and to contribute my knowledge in dog care and management. I'm a dog fanatic and hope to meet many dog lovers here.
  2. Red Cross

    Brand new company that specialises in CBD oil for dogs

    Hello to everyone reading this, we hope you are doing well? We are a brand new company that specialises in CBD oil for pets, right now we only are doing CBD oil for dogs, don't worry we haven't forgotten you cat lovers out there. Soon we will have CBD oil for cats! We have done 100s of orders...
  3. DogLover12345__

    New dog owner

    Hey, guys, me and my wife just bought a puppy and it is our first time. We want to teach him some commands so we looked for some good quality training guides online and ended up purchasing this guide here The seller also provided us with a free bonus after we signed up which is actually a funny...
  4. D

    Paid media request

    Hi, I am a writer for a national newspaper looking for a woman who says, and acts, like she loves her pet more than her partner. She might lavish presents on the pet or sleep apart from her partner so there's room for the pet. It'll be a fun piece and I'm open to ideas. There will be a really...
  5. A

    Affordable Dog/Pet Portrait Paintings and Sketches

    Hey All! My name is Alex and I'm here offering my services as an artist to create a painting or sketch of your furry friends! (( )) Prices start at £7.98 ($10) and reach a max of £19.96 ($25) Please see attached some examples of my...
  6. A

    Free vet advice Facebook page!

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know, that if you live in Bristol, there is a brilliant new Facebook group run by Animal House Vets, which is an independent group of vets across Bristol. Basically, if you have a question about your pet's health, just post it and their Senior Head Vet...