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  1. S

    13 wk old puppy follows me everywhere

    My 13wk old miniature poodle is attached to me so much so that he follows me everywhere and whines if I leave the room... I can't even go to the toilet! He gets very anxious when I leave the house, but isn't like it with my partner or son. I don't make a fuss of him when I leave and when I come...
  2. Liam Wisker

    Hello dogs! I'm Liam and my poodle is Calypso

    Hi, Calypso is 2 years old now. She's been through a rollercoaster of squirrel chasing, learning who her friends are and destroying memory foam mattresses. I am beginning to wonder where her limits really are in terms of intelligence? She's got left and right nailed Will literally stalk a...
  3. J


    Hey guys, I've decided to join here to get tips and tricks and how to raise my dog better. I think it's important to always look for new methods, techniques and tips from others to see what I can improve on! I've based my training methods on Zac George and his reward thinking based technique...
  4. P

    Please Help. She is my world and Im worried

    Hi everyone. First time on the forum, a new member. I'm not so sure if someone else has posted the same condition before - but all help, advice, ideas welcome (and needed!) She is my beloved Purds. She is a 10-year-old standard white poodle. I love her more than words can describe. She is a very...
  5. S

    Moving to UK with shih-poo pup

    Hello everyone! My husband and I are moving to the UK from California in January due to a job transfer. We will be bringing our sweet one year-old shih-tzu/poodle mix with us. We are very excited but anxious about the process of getting her paperwork accepted by the UK government. Does anyone...