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prey drive

  1. L

    Does mantrailing or scentwork increase prey drive?

    I took my dog to a mantrailing introduction course a few days ago and she really enjoyed it. She was also quite good at it and so I was going to carry on going. However after the workshop for the past few days she is more obsessed than usual with finding prey. On 3 separate occasions she has...
  2. R

    Extreme Cat Prey Drive, German Shepherd

    I have a 3 year old male GSD, one of 4 dogs. He's lovely, what an amazing dog (I'd normally say). But as I'm writing this, pretty much fuming!! He escaped our property for the first time today when he saw our cat (lives separately, could say feral) and ran until he reached the border and got...
  3. M

    Whippet puppy - help please!

    Hi there I'm new to the forum - i'm going to be taking on a whippet pup in about 4 weeks. Very excited as this is my first dog, albeit I've been around dogs all of my life. This is my own pup. First question is. I look after my sister's dog. She's a small dog. A chihuahua, yorkie, terrier, so...