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puppy discipline

  1. Ranvijay Singh

    Puppy Trainer covering Rochester, Kent, UK area

    I am sorry if this in the wrong thread group, I could not see anything suitable in the Trainers section. I wanted to enquire if anyone could recommend a puppy trainer that would cover Rochester, Kent, UK area please, if there are any recommendations I would highly appreciate it, its for my blue...
  2. Shanti Lall

    Overexcitement when cleaning up accidents

    Hi everyone. Okay, first question: we are paper training Florrie, our 9 week old lab/bc/springer puppy. But each time we start cleaning up one of her accidents, she goes a bit manic, tries to steal the soiled piece of kitchen towel or j cloth and then tears around madly ('zoomies'). Anyone else...
  3. R

    Excessive biting!

    Hi! I have a 14 week old Old Tyme Bulldog (a healthier variation of a British Bulldog) called Ralph. We’ve had him since 8 weeks old and for 90% of the time, I cannot complain! He’s housetrained, can sit, lay, stay and give paw. Walks nicely on the lead. The main issue I have is biting. I know...
  4. EvieS

    Puppy - aggressive and dominant phases

    I have a cross pug x poodle x Russell who is 16 weeks old (4months), we have only had him for 6 weeks and he has recently started going for walks after his final jab clearance last week. Since this we have noticed a change in his behaviour, most of the time he is lovely and cuddly and perfect...
  5. pollypurple

    New Whippet x Greyhound Puppy

    Hi everyone, I've just got a new puppy, Leo. He is 14 weeks and beautifully natured.... until he does something wrong and needs a wee telling off. Its mainly for nipping me and my daughter. He has had a few accidents and i just try to take him to his puppy pad or out in garden but he barks run...