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raw feeding

  1. arealhuman

    Raw Feeding - **Objective** Views Please

    You may have read in my other thread that Rusty has been having problems with runny poos over the last few days (although things improved a bit this morning, we'll see how that pans out). I wondered if it was his diet, so have been looking into a raw food thinking that might improve his pooing...
  2. jinedin

    Introducing Jed the allergic lurcher

    Hi all, Here to find out other owners' experiences with severe allergies (Jed, our lurcher, not me). In particular we're interested in finding out how folk have got on with various diets as he's been on an elimination food for years and I feel his health is suffering from it (plus, it doesn't...
  3. Lizzie C

    Raw food & veg

    Raw food... For people who feed their dogs raw do you also give them veg? We’ve recently changed Hugo to raw food (Durhams brand which is 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal) so he’s getting no veg in his diet. I recently blended up some carrot and brocolli and gave him a spoonful but that then...
  4. Wolfspirit

    New Sighthound puppy mum here...

    Hi everyone, I am mum to a 9yr old chihuahua and have just brought home a new puppy. He mum is a whippet x Greyhound and dad a saluki. I only know of these breeds by what I have read but have been attracted to them for some time. My boy is only 12wks old and the peeing everywhere and doesn't...