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staffordshire bull terrier

  1. Ranvijay Singh

    Puppy Trainer covering Rochester, Kent, UK area

    I am sorry if this in the wrong thread group, I could not see anything suitable in the Trainers section. I wanted to enquire if anyone could recommend a puppy trainer that would cover Rochester, Kent, UK area please, if there are any recommendations I would highly appreciate it, its for my blue...
  2. Ranvijay Singh

    Puppy Biting/Mouthing - best way to stop/limit it

    Hi, Just bought my blue staffy pup home, been with us a few days, and is a sweetie!, I have heard of the mouthing and he just has a funny few moments where he wants to attack our legs/feet - puppy mouthing i think? Does anyone have any guidance on how to stop/limit or training that I could use...
  3. Ranvijay Singh

    Blue Staffy Puppy - need some help please

    Hi everyone, Just joined the group and need some advice please, I have just picked up my 3 month Blue Pedigree Staffy, the breeder has recommended I stick to feeding him Raw diet. I have become confused as so many other dog owners say it is not healthy and he should be on kibble/dry diet...