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  1. L

    Exercising a very bouncy JRT puppy

    Our little JRT puppy is 18 weeks old and we are really struggling to get any advice about exercise that makes any sense. Everything I can see online says a maximum of two sessions of 20 minutes exercise each day. However, 20 minutes doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of his energy...
  2. A

    Hybrid work

    Hello, I am desperate to get a dog. I bought a house just so I could get one, however I was working such a demanding job previously I decided against it. Since this however I have started a new job which is hybrid working so 3 days a week plus weekends I am home all day or can at least take...
  3. DogWalkingCarlisle

    Dog Walking in Carlisle (Cumbria)

    We are a Carlisle based family business with more than 15 years experience in dog care. We have owned dogs, cats and other animals for many years. We are committed to offering a professional and reliable service, ensuring the welfare and safety of your pets whilst they are in our care. The...
  4. Dimadogs

    Street gang

    Cool doods out and about - this is London dinamics for you.
  5. Adam Butterworth

    Hey Check out my LeadHearts Dog Leashes, The Best Leash Money Can Buy

    LeadHearts was designed to fix the problem of sub-par dog leashes made from low quality materials. As a designer, I looked at how leashes could be re-designed using techniques such as 3D printing and CAD. Fast forward 6 months and LeadHearts was born. We found a way to not only make a better...