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  1. S

    Walking a dog with dementia

    I wondered if I could ask for any advice on walking an elderly dog with dementia? I try to stick to fields mostly, but sometimes the following is unavoidable, and I'd really appreciate some advice/solidarity if anyone could help. When walking on pavements with him, it turns into a bit of a...
  2. Amylja

    Jumping and biting on walks

    Hi everyone, We have an American Bulldog X Staffy who is just a few days away from turning 1. She has turned into a little brat and I need some advice! She's started to jump up and bite while out on walks on the longline. We can be walking along nicely and then all of a sudden she'll turn...
  3. L

    5 month old puppy eating stones on walks

    Hi. Our 5 month old jackapoo pup is obsessed with eating stones/leaves/feathers/tissues/cigarette butts/plastic on a walk. You name it, its goes in his mouth. We can manage sometimes to distract with a treat and call out drop it - and he will drop, but a lot of the times the item has disappeared...
  4. Elliemum2x

    Walk, in our forest! ( UK, Dorset )

  5. Abbie.xo

    Very Demanding on the lead! - How to stop a dog pulling on the lead?

    Hi, My dog is from the RSPCA and we don’t know his past, he is quite young (he’s around 2) and he’s is very strong and pulls on the lead, if you walk him round the block your hand will be bruised! Does anyone Know how to train a dog to stop pulling on the lead when he goes for walks? (Btw...
  6. Rockette

    Newbie here

    Hello fellow dog-lovers. I have a five-year old small rescue dog (unknown mix, but of course adorable). My main reason for joining is to find like-minded friends in my area (Bradford), especially for dog-walksm excursions together. Other singletons will know it can be difficult visiting many...
  7. Adam Butterworth

    Hey Check out my LeadHearts Dog Leashes, The Best Leash Money Can Buy

    LeadHearts was designed to fix the problem of sub-par dog leashes made from low quality materials. As a designer, I looked at how leashes could be re-designed using techniques such as 3D printing and CAD. Fast forward 6 months and LeadHearts was born. We found a way to not only make a better...