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12 whippet puppies


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Hope everyone is well just wanted to share some news with everyone in the early hour's of Wednesday morning Rosie my beautiful 3 year old Whippet gave birth to 12 puppies yes that is right 12 puppies.

You gave birth to 10 and did amazing but unfortunately 1 puppy got stuck and she was rushed to the vets for an emergency cesarean surgery where we always took the decision to spay her at the same time. Later that day when we went to pick her up we were handed 2 puppies making the total 12. My husband and me were in shock and still are. Even the vet surgery told us that they had never had a litter this big from a whippet before. Rosie is doing an amazing job. Puppies seem OK the 1 which got stuck is struggling a little bit he is been bottle fed. Our vet is giving us lits of support.
Just want to share our news.
Sorry only 10 here


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Oh how lovely! Mmmmm - whippet puppies. Thanks for sharing.
Oh, congratulations! You're in for a busy week, but hopefully will find time to share lots of photos🥰
Congratulations, that's quite a litter.
We are still getting over the shock. If we are tired Rosie must too bless her. I will put more photos on when I can get 2 minutes.
Wow12 pups!! Congratulations, just beautiful... well done Rosie, eek!!
Wow. What a litter. Rosie must be absolutely cream crackered. They look super. Hope it all goes well. Please keep us up to date with their progress.
Update on puppies they are 2 weeks old now and all doing well only downside is that Rosie is no longer producing milk. We are now bottle feeding all puppies Rosie will keep them clean and let them suckle but not for longer. Thank goodness for our family members helping us.


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Oh good grief - hand feeding 12 pups must be quite a challenge :eek:They're beautiful, just like their mum🥰
Wow! Hats off to you all. There's dedication. They're lovely.
Brilliant that they are having such care from you. As soon as their teeth start coming through, which would be any day now, you can start them on solids.
So gorgeous! Bet you're all exhausted, but yes all respect at your dedication, they look wonderful😊 thank you for the update even with your very full hands!!

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