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17 month old BC going back into her old bad habits


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Over past 6 weeks or so out of nowhere she has began being sensitive to noise, pulling lead on a walk and even when she comes in she stands at top of stairs and then plays tug of war with her lead.

Since New Year she also had regular accidents indoors despite zero change to diet, vet says her urine sample came back clear but she seems anxious.

She wants out as little as every 30 minutes again.

Her barking has become regular, related to the wanting out as little as every 30 minutes she just starts barking and won't stop until I take her out

She also barks a lot to go into kitchen in fact I just brainstormed that is what her barking may be for, not that she wants out as once shes in there she attemps to lick all the sides.

As a test I barricaded the sides best I could and left door open and she went in stayed in there and didn't come out nor did she bark and after a few minutes she came out and went to bed.

I also notice everytime I cook after I am done she goes to kitchen door and barks, should I close the living room door she barks at that.

On the diet side, I have been feeding her chicken mince with veg for 2 months I did get rid of the veg and instead add rice to help with her sloppy poop and it went back to normal after that and only 1 accident since.

So I don't know what to do, maybe baby gate the kitchen that way she can see in there but not access it?

EDIT - also thinking maybe shes hungry and thats why she is cranky in evening more I give her a large fist sized (not fist full sized) of mince a day and about the same in veg though in past few days have changed that to rice to see if it helps her stomach issues.

Also maybe unrelated her issues began around the time there was a lot of fireworks in the area and got very bad after the New Year fireworks where she was barking at them and thats when she got reactive to noise.
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I would keep the kitchen clear of food she can access (get some lidded storage boxes that can sit on the worktop is space is short), and let her in there. For those times she can't go in there, a stairgate could work better than a closed door.
She was spayed back in October, I did think myself these were the same symptoms she showed when she was in season.

She has been to vets though who felt her stomach etc and found nothing there.
Do you only feed her chicken mince ...could you cook lamb mince and beef mince to give her a more varied diet ...
Just Chicken mince, the butcher also sells beef mince for dogs I don't mind adding some of that in.

Also I bought tins of dog food just in case I can give her.
As has been said before, chicken mince on its own really isn't balanced. Did you ask the butcher what exactly was in it (muscle meat, bones, offal...), as suggested? And idea of the proportions of the different components would be good too.

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